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FocusMedia ! We are Future Developers

provides superior services for managing the implementation of Customized Software, Web hosting and Web Servicess,Domain Registration, Bulk SMS Gateway, ERP Solution in the retail industry,private sector,Govt. organizations, manufacturing units and domestic and international sectors.

Focus Media Services


Software Architect Design
Full Cycle Development
Phase-to-phase Development
Additional Features Development
Software Future Scope

App Development

Get started with ready-to-use applications and customize them to suit your purposes.
Do more with less effort—use built-in integrations between your applications,
Get your applications natively on any device: Android, iPhone, or iPad.

Website Developement

Fully Responsive Design
Empowers Your Business Online.
Creative Website Design
Fully Search Engine Optimization.
Beautiful Graphics For Website.

WordPress Development

Wordpress Simplicity On Developement
Fully Flexibility by that any type website easy Build
Full Standards Compliance & Management Panel
SEO Friendly & Search Friendly Url's
Almost Every Language In WordPress
Custom Content Types on WordPress

E-commerce Development

Easy To Access All Product
Customer Review & Reply
Good Color & Design Combination
SEO Friendly & Search Friendly
Multi Language Support
Promotion and discount code tools
Multiple payment options (Card,UPI,etc.)

hybrid app

flawless user experience across All platform
Its simplified maintenance.
Offline Support & Improved Performance
We Use AI for benchmark of existing user experience altogether.
Analyzing customer data based on purchases and locations, retail brands, GPS tracking,Notification.

FocusMedia Experties

On FocusMedia We are proud to successfully develop and deliver hundreds of software projects and products to world-leading companies in various industries such as finance and banking, manufactoring, trading and sales, real-estate, e-commerce, insurance etc. With deep knowledge on a wide range of domains, we can quickly familiar ourselves to your systems and propose best solutions to resolve your problems and challenges.


  • Account Application
  • Ecommerce Application
  • Information Supply Chain System
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Production Management System
  • Real-estate Management System
  • Field Data Input Management System
  • Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence System


  • App On Online Order System
  • App On Ecommerce
  • App On Banking & Finance System
  • App OnRestaurant Ordering Management System
  • App On e-Form/Data Input Collecting System
  • App On Interview/Questionnaire System
  • App On Marketing Support System
  • App On Real-time Locating System


  • Company Brand Stablishment
  • Increase Company Sales Ratio
  • Planing & Excution As Per Brand
  • Improve your ROI
  • Drive more organic traffic to your website
  • Get more qualified traffic on the search
  • Expert E-commerce Website


  • App Management Software
  • Computer Software
  • Tally Intigrate Software
  • WhatsApp Facebook Marketing Software
  • Employee Management Software
  • Customize Software
  • SMS Intigration Software
  • Software Modification

FocusMedia Development Methodology Is Based On Agile Development Methodology

Advantages of Agile Development Methodology: Agile methodology has an adaptive approach which is able to respond to the changing requirements of the clients Direct communication and constant feedback from customer representative leave no space for any guesswork in the system.

Agile Development Methodology:



Focus Media team is frequently trained with newest technologies and has a strong background and skilled All various platforms and frameworks. Let us handle all the technical challenges so that you can save your effort to focus on developing your core businesses.
By Using Our Experties You Easly Achive Your Goal And Fully Focus On Plan Execution


software outsourcing & development expert Microsoft technologies company in Vietnam

.NET Framework, Dropthings Portal,
MS Sharepoint, VSTO, Aspose


software outsourcing & development expert Java technologies company in Vietnam

Java, JSP/Servlet, JSF, J2SE/J2EE, RMI, EJB,
JPA, Struts, SaStruts, Seasar Struts, AJAX,
Hibernate, Spring, JBOSS, NetBeans


software outsourcing & development expert Open source company in Vietnam

PHP, Ruby On Rails, Python,
Drupal, Joomla, CodeIgniter, Moodle,
phpMVC, Smarty, Zend, Magento


software outsourcing & development expert mobile applications company in Vietnam

         iOS (Objective C, Swift), Android,
         Windows Mobile, BlackBerry,
         Ionic, Titanium, PhoneGAP


software outsourcing & development expert back end company in Vietnam

      Javascript, HTML5, CSS3,  
    jQuery, AngularJS, ReAct,
    yFiles HTML, Bootstrap


software outsourcing & development expert back end company in Vietnam

Web Service, Apache, Tomcat, GlassFish,
IIS, Websphere, Web Logic, GAE, FXCM, JWT,, NodeJS, ExpressJS, SequelizeJS


software outsourcing & development expert database company in Vietnam

  Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2,
  MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB


software outsourcing & development expert multi platform company in Vietnam

MS Windows, MacOS, Red Hat Linux, CentOS,
Fedora Core, FreeBSD,
Amazon Web Service


software outsourcing & development expert testing company in Vietnam

Test Director, Quick Test Pro, Selenium, JMeter,
Device Anywhere, Robotium, UIAutomation,
Appium, Protractor, Jasmine, Karma, OpenSTA

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FocusMedia is specialization on Software , Website and App Develpment We Build Amlost All Type Software And App | FocusMedia Is specialization On

Our Excellence

  • 90%
    System design
  • 95%
    Data analysis
  • 90%
    Link-level analysis
  • 100%
    Coverage modelling
  • 99%
    Strategy Solutions

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